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12-Jul-2017 07:21

and seek out a drive-in (it sure will beat that traditional movie date). Get some popcorn, lean back in your car, and enjoy.

Not exactly fine dining, but an evening at Medieval Times will definitely be unexpected, and seriously fun.

A great first date idea, head anywhere from a soup kitchen to a home for the elderly to volunteer, while getting to know your date.

Look through Pinterest together for a project, and then execute it together!

Go all out for brunch making everything from French toast with flambéd bananas to mimosas.

Pick a show on Netflix that neither have you seen, and watch a few more episodes than you probably should.

From the Eiffel Tower, to the Empire State Building, to the Top of the Space Needle—head to a local landmark and admire the view, while creating your own movie worthy moment.

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You don’t have to an Olympian to have fun on an ice skating date. Head to the beach for a day of laying out in the sun, relaxation, and getting to know someone.

A great way to spend a summer afternoon, seek out a free outdoor concert, everything from the symphony to an indie band, and enjoy.