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Martin Kaempchen, German writer, the Valedictory Speech by Prof. He pointed to the existence of alternative Ramayana and Mahabharata epics among some Western Indian tribes, such as the Bhili Ramayana among Bhils.

David Solomon SJ, Johar HRD Centre, Dumka, Jharkhand VALEDICTORY SESSION: 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM The Conference will conclude with a summing-up by the Co-Convener, followed by a speech by Dr. According to him, while they were often oral in form, yet their creativity and beauty were par excellence.

These tales underwent several changes in the process of translation that he discussed in detail.

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To examine the Angst of the tribal people and to delve deeper into their collective experience of loss and transition, this Conference brought scholars of various disciplines together with social workers and tribal writers in an enriching polyphonic discourse. Asaduddin, Head, Dept of English, JMI, New Delhi (In the absence of Prof. All the development interventions were required to be human-value congruent, and should involve the very people for whom these are focused, rather than drawn thousands of miles away in a different ambience by ‘alien’ people. Kumar Rana spoke of his childhood in a village growing up with tribal friends. The speaker pointed out that one of the most obvious features that defined tribal communities was language.

He had indirectly referred to their traits of simplicity, their ability to do hard work and to enjoy life in his poem ‘Soantal Meye’ (from the volume Bithika).