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The sixteen year old turned away from the desk before rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. First a train from Southampton to London Gatwick, and then from Gatwick to a remote airport six miles outside of a small town called Stepford, located in a rural area of Ireland.

There were a few sounds coming from behind Ryan, the lady at the desk had started to type in a number to her phone, she had started to ask about Ryans luggage. It had taken them long enough to do It, and hopefully he would gain some answers as to what was happening. He had it with him on the train, through the underground system and he checked it in with the right labels at Gatwick.

A building that covered half an acre of land, a few sheds that stored small aircraft and fuel tankers when they were needed.

A single runway stretched for half a mile out into a field and even then there was only one plane, and a small line of no more than thirty people waiting to board the short haul flight out to a more populated area of Ireland.

He must have forgotten to take it off silent after he entered the airport.

They had discovered his luggage had been logged on the wrong flight and sent to Australia.

Ryan picked up a bottle of orange juice with the oranges having supposedly been picked in orange groves located in Florida.