China love match dating scam updating a linksys router firmware

10-Oct-2017 06:44

Such a preference must be malicious and is, therefore, detestable! Such contempt directed toward the women of China strongly imply that these women are inferior to the bold and beautiful women of the west.

What else could they possibly have to offer aside from their exotic quality and submissive nature?

Western men dating Chinese women is like the proverbial match made in heaven.

No amount of mud-slinging from hateful individuals, no amount of stereotyping, can make something that’s genuine and natural less than what it is.

Contrary to what their defamers insist on, this group of women from the Far East are modern and sophisticated; they are educated and intelligent; confident and independent; strong and highly capable; and, most importantly, they still possess traditional values when it comes to relationships.

But it is not that these two groups of women are fighting over them; it is that the western lasses are becoming unhappy (yet again, surprise, surprise! How dare they choose those porcelain and slender beauties (they would probably use a more offensive term) over them? The western blokes in question cannot have good reasons for preferring oriental beauties over the women from their own society! The oriental maidens, as a result, have also come under attack – their intentions when dating men from the west are often questioned, and their place in their society scoffed at.

The application of the label “yellow fever” to the love between two human beings because the woman is Chinese or Asian and the man isn’t is not only demeaning and insulting towards the man, but it is even more insulting and bloody well racist towards the woman.

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