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12-Jul-2017 02:35

We like to be taken care of, adored, and treated as if we’re the only one in the world. I bet when you’re a consumer, you’re looking for the same thing.In 2015, the ability to personalize and give people individual attention is going to be a defining trait for successful businesses.While some folks are of the opinion that humor isn’t for every industry – I disagree.Laughter is medicine and everything has a soft spot that can be laughed at – yes, even lawyers.Go overboard – believe me, you’ll be one of the few. Go the extra mile and joke with people lightly, find ways to make them smile, and be playful.

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If you get to the point where you need to automate your gratitude on social media, then something is wrong.

Add value to the lives of your followers and they will endear themselves to you for a long, long time.