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01-Dec-2017 11:47

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Nathaniel is a nice, respectable guy who can be studious to a fault.

He can get a bit too serious at times but your candy can always get him to lighten up.

He's not an outdoorsy person, preferring to be inside at all times.

He focuses a lot on his videogames but he's willing to lend a helping hand if needed.

At the end of almost every episode you can get a date with the boy with the highest LO'M. You have to say the right thing AND choose the right outfit or else you'll miss your date!

The Student Body President and one of the first boys you can meet.

You can only meet him if you chose to join the basketball club. He is gardener from another school who shows up at Sweet Amoris to help with the gardening club.

Although he isn't impressed by what he sees, if you are a good helper (and prove that you know your plants) then maybe he'll garden with you a little.

Just accept his flirting and show a little interest in return and he'll be happy to keep it up.

A girl who moves from an unnamed school to Sweet Amoris High at the beginning of the game.

She is an Ordinary High-School Student who gets caught up in the lives of her classmates—especially the cute ones.

His best friend is Castiel and he is close to his older brother Leigh and Leigh's girlfriend Rosalya. He originally only appeared in episode 9 and 11, but he has since become a semi-regular since episode 19.

He doesn't attend Sweet Amoris as he lives in Australia, but he frequently comes to France to visit his uncle Boris.

His older twin brother is Armin and although they get along very well, Alexy does not like how obsessed Armin is with video games.

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