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This page lists some suggestions and strategies for optimizing your Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) code, so that it will run faster.

There are few absolute rules for optimizing VBA; you'll see the best increases in performance by streamlining the basic logic.

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While working in Microsoft Excel, you may face the problem of saving active worksheet as PDF file.Use Command Button to save active worksheet as PDF file with VBA code Save a range of selected cells as PDF file with Kutools for Excel Save each worksheet as individual PDF file of active workbook with Kutools for Excel Export Range to File. Please insert a Command Button by clicking Developer Command Button (Active X Control). Then draw a Command Button in to the worksheet you need to add new rows, right click the Command Button and click Properties from the right-clicking menu. In the Properties dialog box, enter the displayed text of the Command Button into the Caption box under the Categorized tab, and then close the dialog box. Export As Fixed Format Type:=xl Type PDF, _ Filename:="C:\PDF\Export.pdf", _ Open After Publish:=False Application.The Kutools for Excel's Export Range to File utility helps you easily export selection as PDF file in Excel. Firstly, you need to create a folder named PDF for saving your new converted PDF file. You can see the displayed text of the Command Button is changed as below screenshot shown. Right click the Command Button again, and then click View Code from the right-clicking menu. In the opening Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window, please replace the original code in the Code window with the following VBA code. Screen Updating = True End Sub Note: In the code, Command Button1 is the Command Button name you will use to save active sheet as PDF file.There is substantial overhead in communications between worksheets and VBA. So if you have a custom VBA function which you call from hundreds of worksheet cells, it could be s-l-o-w.

Equally, if you use VBA to read in lots of cells to memory, or write lots of data back to cells, it can be real slow. We read in 125 records at once (that's 125x20 = 2500 cells) into an array, then looped through and calculated the 14 output cells for each of these records, and stored them in a memory array.See screenshot: Note: You can check any of the Preserve formatting, Preserve row heights as well as Preserve column widths in the Workbook options section as you need. If you want to have a free trial of this utility, please go to download the software freely first, and then go to apply the operation according above steps. And in the popping up Browse For Folder dialog box, specify a folder where you want to save the PDF files, and then click the OK button.

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