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” You want to see what her response is going to be like.

The reason being is that even if she is not black-out drunk, she can be incapacitated and stumbling over things and not aware of her own actions and may not remember anything the next day.

Another fact is that consent can be revoked at any time before or d u r i n g s e x u a l contact. Honestly, I have yet to see a case with two incapacitated people.

Because if you think about it, if you are both at that point and not understanding the situation or what is going on, then sex just isn’t happening.

From what you have seen, what do you feel like the most sure-fire way in the moment that you can make sure you will not run into trouble?

It’s kind of based on the whole totality of the circumstance I mean one great question to ask is, “Are you cool with this? In this kind of situation you may even want to ask a silly question if she has been drinking to see if she is even cognitive like, “What do you think about Shakespeare?

A Cornell graduate is suing the university, saying he was discriminated against and denied a hearing following a Title IX investigation into a sexual assault allegation. The documents also state a variety of allegedly unlawful actions that were taken against the former student, referred to as John Doe, an ethnically Bangladeshi Muslim.

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Doe, a trained EMT, then entered the room and the resident assistant left.To answer the other question, our office keeps it very confidential, just within our office, judicial affairs and the case management team that comes together and discusses where the investigation is going to head.

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Her sister’s estranged husband William Balfour was convicted.… continue reading »

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