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Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser by 1999, four years after its release, but popularity brought its own challenges.

At the beginning of the 21st century, people were becoming more comfortable with the Internet.

Today is the anniversary of the release of Internet Explorer version 1.0 which debuted with Windows 95.

To say that the web browser landscape has undergone a change or two since the birth of the Windows Start button would be an understatement.

Today, Chrome still enjoys a healthy lead on any other browser outside of the mobile sphere.

But, as many popular products have demonstrated over the years, there’s always the capacity for a fickle public to opt for the newer alternative.

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When development began, it was the responsibility of just few people and was miles behind the competition in market share.Sites like e Bay and Amazon were tempting shoppers to take their business online, and that meant people were entrusting their browser with sensitive data like credit card information and shipping addresses.Attacking IE became the primary objective for crooks looking to take advantage of the way others used the internet.Within a decade, it was the browser of choice for 95 percent of Web surfers.

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Netscape Navigator was the software to beat when Internet Explorer hit the Web.

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