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Instead, the company aimed to create a crucial link in the industrial infrastructure of England’s north, connecting Liverpool, a harbor for import and export, with Manchester, the country’s most conspicuous manufacturing and industrial center. 3.) Steam already powered the engines driving the revolution in manufacturing; it would soon similarly transform the transport network of industrial materials, finished goods, persons, and printed information.Conceived as part of the infrastructure of industrial capitalism, the L&M like so many railways was funded through capital speculations (in the “railway mania” of the 1840s, speculative investments in new railway projects amounted to a stock market bubble).The L&M’s immediate commercial success helped to invigorate the financial speculations and railway construction projects whose economic, physical, and cultural consequences were epochal.For so many observers who witnessed it or who read the widespread reports, the opening of this line inaugurated the railway era for better and worse.Figure 1: Opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, 15 September 1830.Drawn and engraved by Isaac Shaw Junior, published 1831. Copyright (c) National Railway Museum / Science & Society Picture Library The opening was a massive publicity event orchestrated by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company and its investors.

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The railway was integral in shaping the material exchanges as well as the abstracted financial transactions of Britain’s modernizing capital economy.

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Though the railway soon became synonymous with passenger traffic and rocketing steam engines, the L&M was first conceived as simply a road with rails.

The opening of the L&M reveals the tumultuous political dynamics of pre-Reform Bill Britain as well as deep uncertainties about industrial modernity, encapsulated by a fatal accident to MP William Huskisson. On September 15, 1830, that symbol debuted at the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. 1.) The L&M was neither the world’s first railway, the first to carry passengers, nor the first to use steam-powered locomotives.

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