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08-Dec-2017 02:45

Information on the disease and its new name can be found here.

Naomi died of a rapidly growing peritoneal ovarian cancer.

Naomi was an inspiring speaker who often brought audiences to their feet, as she mined her own experience with the entrenched misogyny of the scientific establishment.

She described herself as “Naomi in wonderland, blunderland, plunderland,” as she told the story of scientists trying to steal her work.

Even though I met Naomi the Serious Scientist, I came to know her as a hilarious, impish, adventurous, and deeply playful person.

She loved Lenny Bruce’s way of shredding the hypocrisies of convention.

The Tachistoscope Affair is what brought Naomi to New Haven in 1962.

In bed for thirty years with a severe case of a disease that has had many names but few treatments—chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME); and most recently systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID)—Naomi battled heroically to keep herself engaged and productive.

Chicago outdid New Haven on performance, especially because Naomi was so good at presenting what the band was trying to do, in raps between the songs.

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