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09-Nov-2017 21:54

Don’t try to wiggle out of a debate that is getting too complicated for you with a silly joke or pun as you would in a British pub. What I just said is indirect language for ‘avoid humor until you understand French humor, whatever that is.’ I’m still not sure after 14 years in France.

The French tend to take things more literally and seriously, and will not catch British subtleties.

The last president of the generation was Jacques Chirac, who stepped down in 2007, replaced by the dynamic and modern Nicolas Sarkozy.

A similar change of character has taken place amongst ordinary Frenchmen, at least outside the snob circles.

And, since you’re reading Roosh’s site, you may well ask yourself if you’ll ever stand a chance against the army of romantic French seducers Hollywood will have you believe are omnipresent.

Don’t waste your time and money on snob etiquette guides like the one recently promoted in the Telegraph, unless you will be banging high society.

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The main thing is not how much French you know but that you approach them in their language.It may seem contradictory that they take things literally, since I just said they speak indirectly, but what they would take literally is their interpretation of what you just said, after a diplomatic decoding, if necessary.The French diplomatic decoding does not work the same way as the British decoding of subtleties.If you’re American, you’ll probably find that although the French are always ready to criticize the US in public, many of them secretly admire and envy its power and success regardless of the economic crisis ravaging even the US.

France is a country with a Latin culture, and it is expected that you ‘sell’ yourself and talk about your exceptional experiences and personality, contrary to Denmark, where you have to present yourself as modest, one out of the grey mass, as Roosh found out to his horror in Don’t Bang Denmark.

’ I deliberately omitted the word ‘logical’ since—as most men know—a logical woman is an oxymoron. You will rarely hear a Frenchman admit he made a mistake, and even more rarely apologize for a mistake.