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Venn Diagram of the Day to graphically frame the issue at stake here: Supporters of the MSU Women’s Lounge apparently want to apply a selective, double-standard of civil rights enforcement.When civil rights laws like Title IX are applied to benefit college women with gender parity in sports programs for example, women vigorously support those laws.Still, giving extra real estate to one gender feels too much like a reverse good-ole-boys club and perpetuates the inequities that women have fought hard to overcome. And do we even need to bring up that when fund-raising for construction of the MSU Union began in 1915, women still didn’t have the right to vote? An MSU alumna named Anna Stevenson (2009 graduate from MSU’s professional writing program with high honors) published “An Open Letter to Michigan State re: The Women’s Lounge You’re Destroying” with “great disappointment” on her blog, here’s a slice: Today on social media, I saw this article, which details a complaint brought by (and you’ll have to forgive the name-calling here) a cheap hack from U of M-Flint against MSU for violating the rights of thousands of men by continuing to have a women’s-only lounge on the first floor of the Union.

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MSU doesn’t appear to have said anything publicly about this pending changing to the lounge – which is becoming an “all-purpose quiet study area” – before Perry’s complaint made the news, judging by the shocked reactions of mostly women on social media this week.Here are some more questions that I’ve asked of several supporters of the MSU Women’s Lounge: Do you really want MSU to violate Title IX civil rights legislation and puts its federal funding in jeopardy?