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A few dozen American militiamen, outnumbered and hastily assembled against the British, met their maker in quick fashion in 1779.

It took up to 43 years for widows, mostly from the area of Goshen NY, to make the hazardous 46-mile journey to the battlegrounds to retrieve the bones of their husbands. told his family he was going to take a powder, they took him at his word.

Note that Blakely also stems from a War of 1812 source name.

This one's named for Italy's third-largest lake, located in the Lombardy region in the north-central part of the country.

Two explanations have emerged regarding the source of the name: First, Ariel is the lead character -- a playful spirit -- in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Second: Ariel is the more poetic name for the city of Jerusalem.

In the early 1900s, two companies combined operations to take advantage of Bradford county's extensive lumbering opportunities.

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In some of the earliest of records, dating to 1771, Lackawanna is seen spelled in documents as "Lockawarna." Similar of course to Lackawanna, this word means "where the way forks" or similarly "where the roads part." Lackawaxen is near Minisink Ford NY, the site of the only major Revolutionary War battle (Battle of Minisink) fought in the upper Delaware River region.Fresh scalps hung from the chieftain's waist, and Winola recognized the scalp of her suitor, "whiter than the water lilies." Winola threw herself at the reflection, never to surface again.

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